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Our Therapy Services

In-Person Therapy in Nashville and Las Vegas

In-Person Therapy

With individual counseling, your therapist will meet with you as frequently as needed to complete established goals.

Couples therapy in Las Vegas and Nashville

Virtual Therapy

We recognize that sometimes in-person sessions are hard to do. Virtual therapy can make services more accessible for everyone.



We also offer clients the ability to complete assessments including biopsychosocials and sexual risk assessments.


Enhance your mental and psychological health with therapists that will create meaningful connections with you.

Why Go to Therapy?

Individual counseling for men and women in Nashville and Las Vegas

Overcome Your Past


Learn Healthy Coping Skills


Reduce Anxiety


Improve Your Mood


Assist With Major Life Decisions


And More

Why On Your Mind Counseling?

For years, we have worked to help each of our clients have a better life going forward. There are a lot more factors that make us the top choice. View our offerings in Nashville to see why choosing us is the best decision for your health.

Inclusive Therapists

We provide a private, safe area where you can express your feelings without fear for those who identify with the BIPOC or LGBTQ+ communities.

Affordable Care

We provide you with care at a low cost so that you won’t have to second-guess your financial decisions and can instead concentrate on your mental health.

Group Therapy

We encourage you to interact and listen to the stories of others and their challenges and struggles so you can realize that you are not alone.

Getting Started is Easy


Get Connected

We’ll put you in touch with some of the most qualified therapists who can help you easily live a better life.


Meet Your Therapist

Tell us what your concern is, and you can choose from our best matching therapists in no time.


Start Healing

Talk to our therapists and see gradual mental and physical changes within yourself.

"I can't express my thanks to On Your Mind Counseling enough for their constant assistance. They are very professional and take the time to hear every detail of your story before trying to assist you."

– Joyce Wallace

"Being a member of the LGBTQ community, I struggled with depression for a long time and had no idea who to talk to. But the safe environment offered by On Your Mind Counseling, where I felt comfortable talking to someone about my problem, really helped me."

– Warren Monroe

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*Also offering Telehealth services to clients in Nevada and Tennessee.