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Do you have the passion and desire to open a mental health business but don’t know how to do it? Are you in a struggling organization that needs program revitalization? Are you looking for ways to enhance your clinical services? If so, you might need a clinical consultant.

What is a clinical consultant anyways?

Clinical consultants provide guidance on organizational and operational procedures – in this case, regarding businesses that offer mental health services. Clinical consultants typically have years of experience in healthcare that aid them in making evidence-based and experience-driven assessments & suggestions. Clinical consultants can be hired directly by an organization or may be contracted through another agency.

Clinical consulting engagement goals are determined by your needs.

Ultimately, a clinical consultant’s duties depend on what the organization needs. Some of these duties might include:

Meeting with leadership, staff members, and stakeholders to determine where support is needed and where issues exist
Analyzing current clinical practices and providing advice on how to improve quality care
Evaluating workflow and other procedures for inefficiencies
Assessing financial records to determine areas for improved spending
Supporting leadership in making key organizational decisions
Implementing performance improvement plans

Kevin has worked in all levels of care – ranging from managing & owning outpatient practices, providing clinical services in partial hospitalization programs, coordinating with foster care agencies, launching & revitalizing group homes, implementing clinical programming in residential facilities, ensuring financing through utilization review processes, creating units within psychiatric hospitals, and more.

Kevin has worked in a variety of leadership & executive roles as well – including being a Clinical Director at a variety of facilities as well as the Director of Admissions & Utilization Review at a Fortune 500 company.

Kevin’s work has produced major changes in the programs that he has worked with. Some of these include:

Decreasing incident rates of client hospitalizations to zero for a significant time span in a residential group home
Decreasing uncollected debt in a psychiatric hospital by over $250,000
Assisting in obtaining a three-year CARF accreditation for a Fortune 500 company
And more

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