What is a Biopsychosocial Assessment?

Understanding a Biopsychosocial Assessment

Mental HealthTo understand your background better toward improving treatment protocols, we provide biopsychosocial evaluations. We look at your background through a holistic lens based on the view that illness and health can be impacted by multiple factors, namely – psychological, biological, and social causes. Under this view, factors like cultural environment, education, work history, family and marital problems, medical concerns, and individual predisposition all work together to determine the individual’s needs.

For example, many people suffer from depression. On the other hand, there are numerous causes of depression coming from multiple realms or a combination of factors. However, even a particular set of factors – for example, just environmental stressors in your social fabric, can lead to depression even if you do not have other pre-existing psychological or biological factors at play. Or you may face a medical issue causing a lot of stress, as another example, and find yourself depressed for the first time regardless of your age or history of depression.

During an assessment, we take a multi-faceted look at potential causal factors behind the psychological condition for which you seek treatment. The biopsychosocial model aims to clarify the wide array of mental and physical factors that may be at play in the context of the overall human development process.

What is Unique About a Biopsychosocial Assessment?

modern therapy in nashvilleA biopsychosocial evaluation is conducted before starting a mental health treatment program during the initial intake or introductory counseling sessions. It’s a set of questions that patients benefit from answering candidly because the objective is to create the best possible treatment protocol for your situation.

Biopsychosocial assessments differ from testing focusing on one subject, like medical evaluations or psychological assessments. Due to its extensive nature, it can be more time-consuming than a traditional medical or psychological intake assessment.

Although a biopsychosocial evaluation could be conducted as part of a broader assessment, it is typically used to identify the specific issues of concern so that we can better get to the critical issues impacting you. The assessment helps to optimize the time that we have during therapy or counseling sessions.

What are the elements of the Biopsychosocial Assessment?

As the name implies, the type of assessment will cover the three domains of psychology, biology, and social-cultural influences.

Biological Factors

therapy for couples nashville nc 1Genetic factors are part of biology, physiology, chemistry, and neurology. Questions will cover eating habits, sleeping habits, and your family history.

Here are some examples of questions we might ask related to biological evaluation factors:

  • Are you coping with any medical conditions you find to be having a significant impact on your life?
  • Are you on any medications or supplements? What are the ingredients? It is essential to be thorough in your responses. Consider prescriptions plus over-the-counter drugs or herbal supplements.
  • Does anyone in your close biological family have medical conditions that might have a hereditary component?

Psychological Factors

Psychological aspects affect an individual’s personality, thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Questions in this category are designed to assess the current state of mental functioning, your coping abilities, and your mood.

Here are a couple of examples of potential psychology questions:

  • What would you say about your mood?
  • Have you had a record of suicidal ideas or actions of self-harm?
  • Name three areas of strength and three areas where you are weak.

Social and Environmental Factors

Social factors encompass any environmental or interpersonal aspect that influences a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Questions will address the quality of family relations as well as financial stability and your educational background.

A few possible questions about social status include:

  • Quality of your support network: How do you view the quality of your family relationships? Your relationships with friends? Do you consider them to be a source of emotional support?
  • Financial stability: Do you feel financially secure? Are your finances a point of stress or strength? Do you currently work? Do you think your work provides peace of mind and financial security?
  • Past and present stress assessment: What’s going on in your life at the moment which increases stress levels? What was it like in your past?

What To Look For Before Going In For An Assessment?

When considering who you’re going to for a biopsychosocial assessment, you should look at the counselor’s areas of expertise and client reviews and call ahead to get a feel of their therapeutic style.

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