Depression & Anxiety Treatment Nashville

Depression is an extreme level of sadness. It takes the enjoyment out of the activities you used to find pleasurable, making life feel like a chore. 

Anxiety often accompanies depression, resulting in worrying and overthinking. It can make you doubt everything you’ve done, are doing, and what you’re going to do. Life can be overwhelming with anxiety because you’re stuck in your head.

The good news is that you’re not alone, and you can be helped. You or a loved one could suffer from depression and anxiety, and there’s also a possibility that you don’t know you have the conditions; we’ve seen it before.

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Symptoms of Depression

It’s possible to suffer from depression without knowing it. If you’ve noticed the following symptoms, you may have depression:

Feelings of sadness, dread, or hopelessness
Lack of motivation
Trouble eating/unexpected weight loss
Ruminating thoughts
Thoughts of death or suicide
Trouble sleeping or insomnia
Isolation from people, family, and friends

In summary, depression can feel like sadness with no end in sight. People that have depression have trouble seeing the future because they can’t see themselves moving past the sadness or situation they are in. You might feel like life is hopeless, but depression treatment with an experienced depression counselor can help you get back to feeling like life is enjoyable and/or meaningful once more.

Anxiety is normal, and everyone experiences it. But it’s not normal when anxiety evolves into an all-consuming worry that stops you from doing things. Symptoms of an anxiety disorder are:

Stuck in thought
Panic Attacks

In our busy, modern lives, anxiety can feel like the norm rather than the exception. Contact us today to get started with anxiety treatment through therapeutic counseling here in Nashville, or we can meet using Telehealth conferencing.

Symptoms of Anxiety

How We Can Help

Your condition is treatable, and we have helped many people that are suffering like you. We understand what your symptoms feel like, and we will counsel and help you heal with sessions full of empathy and optimism.

CBT For Depression and Anxiety

Our standard treatments for depression and anxiety start with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), which has a high success rate. This type of therapy will help you acknowledge the thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself and shift them to be positive. As a result, you will feel better about yourself and your future.

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DBT For Depression and Anxiety

We also use DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). It teaches a lot, such as mindfulness and distress tolerance, which is very useful for depression and anxiety. Mindfulness will help shift your focus from sad or worrying thoughts to the present moment. DBT also teaches distress tolerance, which will make you more tolerant of mood irregularities and painful emotions. It will also help you avoid behaviors that could worsen your mood.

What Makes Our Therapy Different

We want to make you feel better. Meeting you weekly will be our pleasure, but ultimately, we want to give you tools to allow you freedom from your depression and anxiety. It’s our hope that you walk away from our depression and anxiety treatment feeling better than you did coming in.

It’s okay to be sad or worried from time to time, but too much will cause suffering. Please let us help you beat anxiety and depression. 

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