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ADHD can impact every facet of your life. It may be hard to see it in ourselves, but we are here to help.

Nashville Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Treatment

Do you find it hard to focus? ADHD can take a toll on your relationships, passions, work, and overall quality of life. Maybe you’ve found it hard to concentrate but you’ve never officially been diagnosed with ADHD. You may benefit from ADHD treatment. Contact us for an appointment if you suffer (or believe you suffer) from ADHD.

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What is ADHD?

ADHD means attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It is usually diagnosed when the sufferer is a child. Since it’s a neurodevelopmental disorder, it persists into adulthood.

You may know the most commonly talked about symptom of ADHD is inattention or lack of focus. That is actually a type of ADHD called Predominantly Inattentive Presentation. Symptoms of this type of ADHD look like the following:

  • Daydreaming often: Lost in thoughts and gets sidetracked easily
  • Losing things a lot: Forgets where they place things like keys, headphones, etc.
  • Fidgets: taps foot, moves a lot, or plays with a toy
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Another symptom of ADHD is impulsivity. The sufferer can act on impulse without self-control or much thought, impacting their quality of life. The name of this type of ADHD is Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation. Symptoms of it look like:

  • Talking a lot: People with Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation may interrupt conversations or talk a lot
  • Acts on impulse: It could be hard to resist temptation as people with this type of ADHD act impulsively 
  • Difficulty making friends: ADHD fidgeting may cause social activities to feel impersonal to people that don’t understand an ADHD sufferer’s condition

ADHD can present itself in one of these ways dominantly or both somewhat equally. Essentially it’s a spectrum. We encourage you to call our office and make an appointment if any of these symptoms apply to you. 

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ADHD Treatment for Children and Teens

Is ADHD a learning disability? No, ADHD isn’t considered a learning disability, but it can impact a child and teen’s academic performance and social relationships. Our goal with ADHD treatment is to help your child become mindful of what makes them different, using CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). By focusing on behavioral therapy and lifestyle changes, we help children and teens understand their difficulties and create strategies to decrease ADHD symptoms.

By doing this, we increase a child’s attention and decrease impulsivity. You might wonder how long it takes to see results. It all depends on the child, but without medication, it will take four to six weeks, possibly longer, to feel the effects of ADHD therapy.

Another benefit of early treatment is that a child or teen will understand what makes them different. We always make it a priority for children to understand that ADHD isn’t a bad thing. It only makes them different. In some cases, ADHD has advantages. This perspective helps children as they enter adulthood.

ADHD Treatment for Adults

You might think that if you haven’t received help for ADHD in childhood, you are a loss, but that is far from the truth. According to WebMD, “…​​ADHD affects more than 8 million adults (or up to 5% of Americans).” That means there’s a ton of research that we can use to make you feel better. We would educate you about your condition, learning where you fall on the ADHD spectrum. After that, we would use behavioral therapy to help you be more mindful so you could use strategies to decrease your symptoms. CBT & DBT work great for ADHD treatment, and it’s how we’ve treated adults like you! 

We want to make you feel better about your ability to cope with the symptoms of ADHD. Meeting you weekly will be our pleasure, but ultimately we want to give you tools to control your condition. That’s how you’ll walk away from our ADHD treatment. Please let us help you with ADHD. 

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