Depression: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options

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Depression can sneak up on you without a single sign or event to cause it. It can slowly creep in, making your usual daily tasks more difficult. Some people can go long periods without even realizing they’re depressed until they finally unravel. Depression is challenging to recognize because it looks different for everyone. One person’s depression may look like laziness, while another might manifest as antisocial behavior. There is no right or wrong way to be depressed, but there are warning signs. In the same way, there is no one treatment for depression.

Symptoms of Depression

Change in Activities

Most of the tell-tale signs of depression are found in everyday activities. For example, do you find yourself not wanting to do the things you once enjoyed? Have you lost the motivation to workout like you used to or eat health-conscious foods? Are you suffering from a lower sex drive or experiencing a lack of interest in spending quality time with loved ones? Have you been having mood swings or breakdowns triggered by minor and often unrelated events? Are you becoming forgetful, feeling hopeless, or guilty? Are you resorting to drugs and alcohol to numb yourself?

Physical Signs

There are many psychological symptoms, but there are physical signs as well. For example, headaches, body aches, and trouble falling or staying asleep can be caused by depression. A lack of appetite or overeating can be other symptoms. Both of these eating irregularities can result in a lack of energy. In addition, feeling anxious when socializing or out in public can sometimes go hand in hand with digestive problems.


The causes for depression fall on an even more broad spectrum than its symptoms. These underlying issues vary significantly from one individual to the next. Depression can be caused by many things, such as the death of a loved one, financial trouble, marital problems, or career turmoil. If these things weigh you down, don’t worry, there are plenty of resources.

Seek Help

Unfortunately, many people with depression go undiagnosed and untreated, but you don’t have to. Instead, talk to a trusted professional. By doing this, you can take the next step, whether it’s therapy, medication, or a combination of remedies. There are many ways to fight depression, and you’re not alone. Remember to check in with yourself, be conscious of your emotions, and be open to accepting help.

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