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Substance abuse affects every facet of life. It’s hard to recognize it in ourselves and our loved ones because it’s a scary thought.

Substance Abuse in Nashville, TN


Addiction could stem from something long ago or recent, but it’s resulted in you or a loved one using a substance (or behavior) to cope with the situation.

Gambling, alcoholism, use of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin all lead to the same thing. No matter the medium an individual uses to cope, the result is a spiral where they feel a false sense of temporary relief then sadness or emptiness.

If you’ve recognized this in yourself or a loved one, you’ve taken a step in the right direction by seeking help.

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What Does Substance Abuse Look Like

We’ve worked with many that suffer from SUD. Anytime someone comes in for help with a substance abuse disorder, we treat them like family. We provide them with an empathetic and compassionate environment where they can be honest with us and, most importantly, themselves.

It’s essential to understand what substance abuse looks like to get help for yourself or a loved one. Recognizing it takes a lot of courage. If you think someone has a SUD, ask yourself these questions about their behavior:

Do they avoid activities they once found pleasurable?
Have they been engaging in secretive behaviors?
Do they have an increased tolerance for drugs?
Have they neglected responsibilities at work, school, or home?
Have they been financially irresponsible in buying recreational or illegal drugs?
Do they borrow or steal money?

People often recognize that their loved one’s behavior is different than before, but physical warning signs of a SUD provide the most evidence:

They have bloodshot eyes
Sudden weight fluctuations
Lack of hygiene and deteriorating physical appearance
Tremors and a runny nose

If you see these signs in yourself or a loved one, it’s time for help. Contact us at your earliest convenience.

Physical Warning Signs

How Therapy Helps Substance Abuse

At On Your Mind Counseling, we prioritize clients so much that we treat them as family. Our office is a warm and safe environment free of judgment. It’s where we’ve helped many people with a SUD and where we’ll help you or your loved one. 

Our therapy will motivate the user to stay sober with goal-focused therapy. We’ll also provide coping skills for stress management and triggers.

We use CBT, the ‘gold standard’ of talk therapy, and REBT to help clients. Our treatment will ultimately change the sufferer’s outlook on themselves and life. 

Alcohol Treatment Nashville - Women exhaling into her hands with a practitioner at On Your Mind Counseling
In-Person Alcohol Treatment Nashville - Women sitting with a therapist at On Your Mind Counseling

Resurrecting Your Self-Image With CBT

SUD damages your self-image by convincing you that you’re not good enough and that you don’t deserve normal things. It could have a person convinced that they don’t deserve love or family and that they have no future. With thoughts like these circulating, it makes relapse an easy option. 

That’s why we’ll use CBT to help you understand your feelings and beliefs about yourself. Through a compassionate process, we’ll increase your self-worth by changing negative thoughts you have. It’ll deepen your self-relationship and the ones you have with family and friends.

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We will help you achieve your sobriety goal. Meeting you weekly will be our pleasure, but ultimately, we want to give you tools to free you of the dangers of substance abuse.

Walk the path of sobriety with us. 

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